Christmas Gifts for the Wine Geek

11 December 2017

Christmas is nearly here and the pressure to find that perfect gift...

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Classic Holiday Wine and Food Pairings

04 December 2017

The silly season is upon us. Corporate events, shopping, travelling, baking, parties...

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Giving the Gift of Wine

03 December 2017

Christmas is nearly here and whether you’re heading to a festive dinner...

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Tips for Building a User Friendly Wine List

08 November 2017

Given the choice between tackling a rabid possum and choosing from a...

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Corporate Event Idea – Blind Wine T...

06 November 2017

The Tasting Class hosts a number of different types of events. Corporate...

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Hubble, Bubble, Toil and…Wine?

29 October 2017

Halloween is nearly here - a day where parents stand helplessly by...

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Wine Pairings For Al Fresco Dining This D...

22 October 2017

We’re quite literally chomping at the bit to eat outside. But what’s...

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5 great wine bars in dubai

06 October 2017

There was a time when the wine bar was king. Unfortunately this...

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Netflix & Swill

17 September 2017

Everyone likes a challenge, and we’re no exception - whether it’s pairing...

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WSET Qualifications Now Available in The UAE

10 September 2017

Now, for the first time ever, WSET Qualifications are within reach of...

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