Cheese & Wine Pairing

By Lindsay Trivers January, 07 2017
The Tasting Class recently hosted yet another wine and cheese tasting event, taking attendees on a journey through some of the great pairings available in Dubai and the UAE. As you’d expect the wine flowed, the cheese was, well stinky, but in a delicious sort of way and an excellent evening of tasting and chat was had by all, the perfect opening for the evening’s birthday celebrations. While we offer wine and cheese classes as Home Tasting Experiences, we also want to share some great pairings with you so you can try out at home.
  1. New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc with creamy goats cheese.
New Zealand Savvy’s are the boldest out there – refreshing, citrusy, tropical and grassy, and work like a dream with the fresh, herbal qualities of a young goat cheese. They even count as a regional pairing as both thrive in the gorgeous Loire region of France.
  1. Chardonnay and Brie de Meaux.
The majority of wines labeled Chardonnay undergo a change in the winery – transforming the initially harsh and sour acids into the same smooth and balanced ones found in milk, which is why they often feel thicker on your palate than most other varietals and even smell like butter. What better then than to pair it with than the creamy king of bloom-ripened cheeses, Brie do Meaux.
  1. Gewürztraminer & Eppoises
Eppoises is, to put it mildly, pungent, but when you cut into it, if you can get close enough that is, it’s spicy, sweet, salty and oh so creamy, with a finish that’s longer than a Kardashian feud. Easily capable of squashing most matches, Eppoises works beautifully with Gewürztraminer, an intense, refreshing, aromatic wine with an unctuous nature that smells of tropical fruit and spice.
  1. Pinot Noir and Comte
Red wines can be tricky to pair, but this one makes for a beautiful match. Light, and food friendly Pinot Noir is soft, smooth and gentle as a baby’s smile, with berry rich aromas and flavours that are accentuated by the saltiness of the cheese. Comte meanwhile is a hard mountain cheese that’s cave matured and develops a gentle nuttiness, just like a good Pinot.
  1. Cabernet Sauvignon and Cheddar
There aren’t many cheeses that can stand up to a hardy Cab Sav with its powerful red berry flavors, leafy, herbal edge and astringent tannins. The sharpness of Cheddar however holds its ground beautifully, blending seamlessly with the acidity of the wine, whilst it’s saltiness cuts through that mulchy, forest floor fruitiness.
  1. Stilton & Port
This is a heavenly, sweet and savory pairing. Stilton, a potent English cheese is creamy and salty, yet less medicinal than most other blues. Port meanwhile brings a matching strength, weight and intensity. Salt also loves fruit, and the saltiness of the cheese draws out the fruitiness of the wine and vice versa, creating a lovely contrasting match To book your own private wine and cheese tasting or birthday party event, contact us at [email protected] or +971 (0)50 918 6761

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