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By Lindsay Trivers October, 28 2018

Many things combine to create the perfect glass of wine – serving temperature, food, how it’s been stored or transported, even your mood. However, an often-underrated factor is the glass itself. A family business for ten generations, Riedel produces some of the loveliest glass and crystal creations around and were amongst the first to recognise that the size and shape of your glass alters the taste, aroma, perception, and enjoyment of the wine.

Unfortunately, stocks in Dubai available to consumers have been inconsistent considering how wide the range is, not to mention eye-wateringly expensive. Fortunately, we are happy to announce that we now have direct access to Riedel glassware supplies and can offer them at a price well in reach of any wine lover. Take a look at some of the lovely creations now available from The Tasting Class HERE.




There’s a lot going on in a glass of champagne, however, it’s not always sniffed to appreciate those gorgeous fresh baked pasty and stewed apple aromas. With a wide brim that allows you to get your nose deep into the glass, this lovely flute is lightweight and elegant, yet designed for daily use – if you’re lucky enough to consume Champagne on a daily basis that is. There’s also a beautifully designed sparkling point at the bottom that helps those delicate bubbles rise like a sting of fragile pearls, rather than a soda like froth.

AED 175 per pair



Designed to bring the classic flavours of crisp whites and smooth reds alive in all their citrusy, smoky, spicy glory. This gently curving glass is the same kind we use in our WSET wine courses, with a small bowl that focuses those light, floral aromas straight to the palette. Best suited for younger or super-fruity wines, it’s ideal for Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Albariño and Riesling.

AED 175 per pair



The very best pinot noir offers a huge range of subtle flavours that are years in the making – from red cherry and tea to an almost indescribable barnyard quality. To truly appreciate them you need a glass that gives the wine space to develop, and with its wide bowl and flared top this one draws out those heady aromas, then allows you to get your nose up close to where they’re all concentrated.

AED 175 per pair



This is a serious red wine glass. It’s shaped to enhance the flavours and aromas of big, nose-driven wines. It’s also absolutely huge, able to hold an entire bottle if you really wanted to, perfect for Cabernet, Shiraz, Malbec, Rioja, or bold Italian wines like Chianti, Amarone, or Amarone della  Valpolicella.

AED 110 each



A good Chardonnay is a veritable feast of grapefruit, peach, pineapple, and melon, however extended time on oak requires a bigger bowl to cope with those powerful flavours of vanilla, flint and toast. Named after one of the premium chardonnay regions, the Riedel Montrachet glass allows oxygen to interact with the wine, releasing the full range of its aromas, yet preventing them becoming over-concentrated. It’s also really nice to hold.

AED 230 per pair



If you live and breathe red wine, or know someone who does, then this three-piece set makes for a wonderful gift. It comes with a Merlot/Cabernet glass for big, structured reds, an elegant New World Pinot Noir glass and one specifically designed for the intense aromas of licorice, olives and tobacco found in a great Shiraz.

AED 375



Think of this one as a wine tasting toolkit, whether it’s toasty, floral, herbaceous or a sledgehammer of fruit. Drawn from Riedel’s most advanced collection, the Performance Tasting set comes with glasses specifically designed for Cabernet, Pinot Noir, Riesling and Chardonnay and features innovations that improve the wine tasting experience, including an increased inner surface to boost the perception of bouquet and flavour.

AED 500


And finally…



Riedel decanters are insanely beautiful centrepieces, with something wonderful for any taste, including some limited edition pieces we’ve been lucky enough to get our hands on. At our Home Wine Tasting Experiences, we’re currently using the long-necked and elegant Swan, perfect for leaning across tables (or guests), and the curving, cobra-like Eve, which comes with a perfectly designed air catch that pours an exact 150ml measure by rotating it slowly. Even when they’re not at work the elaborate glasswork makes for a head-turning decoration and a beautiful addition to any home.

From 300 to 1500 AED


Wherever and whatever you’re drinking in Dubai, if you’d like more advice or recommendations on what’s available check out what we have here, then drop us a line and we’ll help you make the right choice.

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