The Tasting Class’ Lindsay Trivers Named in Middle East’s Top 50 Most Influential

By Lindsay Trivers December, 11 2019

Huge day for The Tasting Class today. Our CEO and founder, Lindsay Trivers, has been named in Caterer Middle East’s top 50 most influential F&B industry people!

Every year Caterer Middle East ranks the top 10 F&B industry powerhouses across five different categories to give a definitive list of the top players in the region. The five categories are: Chefs, Hotels, Influencers, Franchisees, and Independents.

Lindsay has made the list at number 10 in the influencer category, those people who the magazine determined made the biggest change to the way people in the Middle East look at F&B. 

We’re super proud of this achievement for many reasons. It’s recognition of a lot of hard work, tears (lots of tears) and uphill battles explaining what it is we do and why it’s important. We work in a region that has a love-hate relationship with products that are central to our business. We’ve been widely misunderstood, and even laughed at by some who said the region wasn’t ready for wine and alcohol education. It is ready, and this acknowledgment makes it all the more satisfying.

While the challenges have been real, support from a range of people in Dubai and the wider UAE community has also been immense – at times not unlike what you’d expect from family and friends at home. We’ve met so many incredibly selfless individuals who genuinely want us to do well, and it never ceases to amaze how much time and knowledge people are willing to give to see you succeed. We’ve been incredibly fortunate in that regard. 

The past five years have been an incredible journey yet it feels as if we’re only just getting started. Caterer alluded to the Middle East Wine Awards which we hope will launch in Q1/Q2 of 2020. But that’s not all, we’ll be launching other initiatives early in the year, too. It’s a really exciting time. Watch this space!

Thanks for being along for the ride. Celebratory wine suggestions welcome and appreciated!

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