Explore wine and beer in the comfort of your home under a sommelier’s guidance. We'll come to you and run a wine class, beer class or whisky class, with Riedel or Glen Cairn glasses. Read on to choose from one of our most popular Tasting Experiences, or we can design a tasting with your personal preferences in mind. 

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Home Tasting Outline


Explore the most important grape varieties from the places famous for making them. Define what wines you like best, plus learn some tricks on how...

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A wine and cheese night to remember! We’ll teach you about classic cheese pairings of six popular wine or beer styles with six of the...

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The great beer revolution is here! We'll tell you what sets the best beer-producing nations apart from one another, try some the most iconic brews...

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Wine Tasting About Your Country of Choice

Some nations need a wine lesson unto themselves. Learn the wine styles and grape varieties that set wines apart, plus get the history of how...

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Sparkling wines aren't all the same. Experience the differences between Prosecco, Cava, Champagne and more, and learn what flavours, grapes, regions and winemaking techniques set...

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Dubai loves Whisky and so do we! Our most popular tasting experience breaks down the differences between the world’s most icons Whisky Styles. We’ll explore...

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Mystery Wine Tasting Challenge

We'll teach you some tricks to identifying a wine by smelling and tasting it, then we’ll put your experience to the test with a fun...

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SPANISH WINE, with option of Tapas & Paella

Learn about six key Spanish types of wines, from Cava to Rioja and beyond, and finish is off with a freshly made Paella. Wine Lesson...

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Arguably the king of the wine world, French wine is always popular. But the wine labels are notoriously difficult to understand. Get the low down...

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