The great beer revolution is here!

We'll tell you what sets the best beer-producing nations apart from one another, try some the most iconic brews available, and teach you what all those super-trendy beer terms being used today actually mean all while tasting through a selection of premium and distinctive beers.

AED 150 per person, with a minimum charge of AED 1,200 per class.

Beer tasting package includes:

  • Sommelier selection of 6 Belgium beers*
  • Sommelier guided tasting and beer lesson lasts 1.5 to 2 hours
  • High quality glassware provided
  • Tasting worksheets and learning aids

*Alcoholic beverages must be purchased and handled with respect to the law, which means that we can't sell them to you directly or deliver them to you. Don’t worry; we choose the drinks and have them set aside for you at your favorite shop. You just need to go buy them. The recommended beverage budget for this tasting is approximately 150 AED  per 2 people.



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